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DCS is not your normal valeting company

DCS strength lies in our understanding of the motor industry culture and the need for distributors to increase their credibility with both manufacture and customers through their Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

Professional & Efficient

We formed the business, because we could see the need and opportunity for a company that could provide valeting services, who genuinely understand the pressures that Sales Managers, Service managers & General Managers are under. We should know, because we’ve been there.

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We know that cleaners need intense management.

We know that poorly presented cars are harder to sell.

We know that customers who are not completely satisfied won’t tick the box where we want them to.

Our approach to providing valeting services is to work with a small portfolio of customers and staff. Not to spread ourselves so thinly that management becomes remote and inefficient. And to make sure that our staff understand your business.

If at some point in the future you are considering appointing or changing your current provider of vehicle valeting services and you would like to discuss in more detail the DCS approach, please contact us.

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